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WSB Annual Celebration Concert

26 Oct 2023

WSB Chairman Eleanor Turner describes a very busy, but very enjoyable, day in the WSB calendar.

The annual celebration at Wantage Silver Band is a very special day in the calendar.

The day always requires an early start to set everything up and there was a great air of excitement and expectation. The weather was warm and sunny and all the bands had practiced for their concerts. For refreshments there was the BBQ, sandwiches, cake and tea from the kitchen and the bar was open.

It worked well for the performing band to be in the Sykes Hall and audience either in the hall or just outside the French doors. Every band put in a great performance. I don’t think we realise just how exceptional Wantage Silver Band is with all its different bands so that everybody has a chance to play where they are most suited.

What everyone was there for was hearing all the WSB bands from beginners to our top championship band in their individual concerts with great choices of music.

What a privilege it was to be joined by the Vale Academy Trust Choir too. I really hope that we can invite them to more of our larger scale events in the future!

The young people, and some young at heart, had great fun with the games. The Nerf, bean bag and roller wheel games were kept busy all day. The teddy and chocolate tombolas did really well and sold all their stock.

A quote from Paul Sanders, a new player in the band said “What a wonderful day we all had at the Wantage Silver Band Annual Concert. We had fantastic weather, incredible musicians from across all the bands and some great food too! Thank you to everyone who made this day happen. The Wantage Silver Band really is an incredible organisation, thank you for making me feel so welcome - you are all amazing!”

I would like to thank everyone for all the hard work, time and effort they put into making it such a special day.

Eleanor Turner, WSB Chairman

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