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The First Six Weeks

19 Aug 2023

Chris King, Musical Director of Wantage Band, reflects on a busy first six weeks in his new role.

First Six Weeks

A great start

My first rehearsal with the Wantage Band was on Sunday 18th June, and the first engagement, the weekend after. On reflection, this was a great way to start as Musical Director with the band (I’m task focussed!) with a clear goal in mind for those early rehearsals.

Fast learner

What I’ve learned during my first month is that Wantage Band are very professional and invested in their music-making and react rapidly to new ideas. Since that early engagement, we have had a little more breathing space to explore some great band repertoire from the library (thanks Adam) and to get to know each other much better.

Moving forward

Three other main take-aways from my few weeks with the band:

1. The whole Wantage Silver Band organisation is a treasure to behold

2. I’m delighted to be part of the team

3. The band quiz trophy is there for the taking!

Looking forward to the next six weeks and many months and years to come! 

Chris King (Musical Director, Wantage Band)

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