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Spotlight On: Wantage Percussion Academy

1 May 2024

Find out more about Wantage Percussion Academy

Since its launch in June 2021, Wantage Percussion Academy has enjoyed the leadership of  two world class musicians: Steve Jones (The Cory Band) and current Musical Director and award winning composer, Florence Anna Maunders. Visit and you will soon find out how brilliant she is! 

In recent months, after the success of an open rehearsal, the number of players in the group has increased to fourteen. When speaking to some of the new members, they said:

“It’s a very welcoming group, I really enjoy it.”
“Two years ago I started on tambourine, now I’m taking my grade 5 drum kit.”
“It’s really good, I can play challenging tuned and timpani pieces and I’ve now played in brass band contests.”
“My daughter and I are really enjoying it, and learning lots.”

Wantage Percussion Academy have performed percussion ensemble pieces at a variety of events and concerts. They have also helped the contesting bands at WSB in both regional and national contests, concerts, marches/civic events and many have been along to the International Brass Band Summer School programmes which take place annually.

A talented group. among their musical experience and training, some members also play piano, bass guitar, saxophone, cornet and euphonium. The group are very social and love nothing more than to meet up away from rehearsal. Do get in touch if you’re interested in playing in this brilliant group we have at WSB! 

Julia Trinder and members of Wantage Percussion Academy

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